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Allestree Park in Derby, England

Famous Branch Now Gone!

The best known tree branch in Allestree Park is, sadly,  no more. This was the pecularly low-growing branch of a horse chestnut tree on the southern shore of the Lake. For very many years, this was a well-loved feature and the plaything of several generations of children. It has also, no doubt, featured in many photographs of youngsters (and adults, too) over the years.

horse chestnut branch

Some time during this summer (2011), the branch decided it could take no more when it developed some cracks and  became dangerous. The only course of action was for the Parks Dept. to have it neatly sawn off. The rest of the tree, thankfully, appears to be in good condition.

As a 'memorial' to this much-missed feature, we are asking people if they could send in photographs of friends and family on the branch taken over the years, to add to this article. Please send to Bill Grange - email via  'Contact Us', accessed from the home page.

james sims

Jamie Sims, 1999


Tuesday, July 17, 2018