Friends of Allestree Park

Allestree Park in Derby, England

Pump-house Gets a Face Lift

During August, 2009,  the Friends of Allestree Park undertook an unusual project - the camouflaging of the old pump-house on the north shore of the Lower Lake. For many years this small brick buidling, blighted by graffiti,  has been an eyesore, detracting greatly from the lake's beauty.
After three day's of work by several of FOAP members, working to a general design by myself, the building was painted with a mural reflecting the surrounding trees and vegetation. It now blends in much better with its surroundings! The desgn had to be suitable for all seasons of the year - that's why we haven't used any strong greens.
The masonry paint we used was trade surplus, obtained for the princely sum of £28, from the Play and Re-cycling centre in Derby.  We are grateful for them for picking out some suitable subtle colours for the project. The question you may ask is 'what if the vandals strike again'. Well, we have plenty of paint left over and any further graffiti will be painted over.
Not only did the Derby Evening Telegraph do a piece on the project but it featured on the BBC TV East Midlands news programme!
The pictures show what the building looked like before we did the painting, work in progress and the finished mural.
pump house project (1)pump house project (2)
pump house project (3)pump house project (11) 
pump house project (9) pump house project (6)
pump house project (8)
Bill Grange, August 2009
Tuesday, July 17, 2018