Friends of Allestree Park

Allestree Park in Derby, England

Iconic Tree Spared the Axe - but claimed by Nature

The venerable horse chestnut tree which graced the approach to Allestree Hall as you came along the drive from the main car park had been  badly infected with fungus for some time. It was scheduled to be felled in 2010 but, instead, the Parks Dept. attempted some surgery to try to save it. Alas, the fungus and a wind-storm in August 2012 had the last word and the tree crashed to the ground. As these pictures show it is a great loss. However, life goes on. A young horse chestnut was planted nearby in 2011 and we hope that in time this will grow into a similar magnificent specimen. 
  horse chestnut

The Horse Chestnut in 1992


horse chestnut dead

The Horse Chestnut in September 2012

Bill Grange

The Horse Chestnut in 2003 - by Bill Grange
Tuesday, July 17, 2018